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If you wish to migrate, in which country would you like to live and why?

Man has always espoused the belief that the ‘grass is greener on the other side’. My opinion about the proverb isn’t any different; in fact, I believe, some places in the world are just better to live in than the rest. That, I think, is one of the main reasons why people migrate- to get a chance to experience a better lifestyle filled with peace, prosperity and happiness. Of course, other factors influence voluntary migration as well including: the political system of the country migrants go to, academic and economic opportunities as well as socio-cultural aspects. Thus, assessing all of these factors, for me, the ‘greenest’ or best place on earth to migrate to would be The United States of America.

Firstly, I would migrate to the USA as I admire the country’s political system of governance and historical background. Personally, I cherish my freedom to think, act and work freely which is exactly why I would love to live in the United States of America- a nation that can be called an epitome of democracy as the nation, even though is known as a federal republic, has practiced what is known as representative democracy for over 2 centuries and is today ranked as the 13th most democratic state in the world. Further, the U.S has systems to hold even those in the highest political office to account for wrongdoing like Nixon being impeached for his political misconduct at Watergate Hotel Complex. Along with that, The U.S is known as the ‘land of opportunity’ for one reason- in this nation an individual can be what he wants to be. That is because, in a system of governance like the U.S, as long as ones actions are within the confines of the law, one can to do whatever he wants. Another political reason why I would like to migrate to the U.S is that, under its current system of governance, even if I aspire to become a part of U.S politics one day, I won’t really have much of problem entering civil service. In fact, natural citizenship is only required for one job in the US, that is for presidency and that regulation too is subject to change in coming years considering the growing opposition against the law. So technically, in present tense, if I do somehow enter US politics, the only ladder I won’t be able to climb will be the one leading to the Oval Office. Besides, there are plenty of other high level posts I would still be able to opt for including: being a Senator, Secretary or even President of the Senate. Also, what I find inspirational about USA is the”American spirit”, a motivational factor that has driven the people of the country to, throughout its history, fight for freedom, equality and justice. Americans have always persevered to establish what they believe in. From the Independence to the Civil rights movement, Americans have fought for what is right and the system has assured that their voice is heard. More importantly, what motivates me is the fact that the struggle to fight for what ought to be never ceases; in fact, there are still social groups that have been advocating for the recognition of currently, nationally, unrecognized rights such as gay rights.

Secondly, I would migrate to USA for academic and economic reasons. To start with, I admire the education system of the U.S., particularly for two reasons: the first one being that it isn’t overly competitive like those in South Asian countries and second, the American education system isn’t entirely book based like the education system in Nepal but is one that seeks wholesome learning. I believe that both of these qualities of the education system allow one to learn more than what is in the curriculum and induce students to develop a broader understanding rather than having a myopic comprehension of subjects they are taught. Along with that, the fact that America has one the best academic institutions in the world also makes me want to live there. Most adolescents around the world dream of getting into some top-notch college like Harvard, Yale and Princeton during their final years at High School. Personally, I am interested in law, which means getting into Harvard Law School- the best in the US and probably in the world, would truly be a dream come true for me. Also, economically speaking, the prospect of a career in law in the States is just too alluring. Law is one of the highest paying jobs in the US; in fact, lawyers make an average of a whopping $126,530 per year. Thus, the fact that I would inevitably make more money working in the States than I would in any other country as a lawyer also draws me towards migrating to the country.

Socio-cultural reasons also encourage me to migrate to the United States of America than any other country. First, the United States is a nation that has always embraced migration; throughout its history people have migrated to the US from various parts of the world starting from the early 1100s when people of Asian descent came to North America via Alaska, the colonial rule of the British in the 1600s, the influx of African American slaves in the 1700s to the migration of displaced Jews from Europe during the First World War. Thus, regardless of the reasons these people migrated for, practically the entire population of the US consists of migrants from different parts of the world the only difference is about when these people arrived to the country. Another reason why I will not face much of a problem adjusting in the States is because I already have most of my family members there. In fact, most of them have already acquired US citizenship and have lived in the country for long enough to guide me through my initial years of discomfort in an unfamiliar environment. Also, that fact that the Nepalese Diaspora in the States is growing rapidly is comforting as I am assured that I will have a sort of emotional support system even if I leave behind most of my relatives and the country of my origin. Finally, I would also choose US is because there won’t be much of a language barrier if I plan to live there as I have learned English throughout my school life.
Also, even though there are a few drawbacks about migrating to the U.S, most of them are overshadowed by the potential benefits the country can offer. The first drawback of migrating to the USA would be the possible threat of becoming a victim of racism or xenophobia. After the 9-11 attacks, people of Indian and Middle Eastern origin were ostracized by Americans who had lost their loved ones in the catastrophe. However, besides a few such instances the prevalence of such feelings of resentment towards people of Asian descent has not been a prevalent problem in the country. Another drawback of migrating to the US is that if I migrate to a nation where English is the only mode of communication, there is the chance that I will grow more distant with my own language and culture, importantly with my identity. These are the very things that define me and make me unique in the world and the fact that they can be erased is not at all comforting. However, the fact that I do have most of my family members in the country does ensure that I will not lose touch with my culture and religion.

Man’s quest to find better living conditions has led him to the farthest corners of the planet. However, better living conditions like prospects of better education and health facilities which other country’s may have as well, are not just the only things that matter to man. As humans we strive to find a place we are connected to emotionally as well- a place we can call home. For me, the only country I can think of that I can call home except for my own nation is the United States of America for the emotional reasons I have mentioned above ranging from the country’s fighting spirit to other social reasons. Further, even though the country like others does have its own problems, it is important to note is that the state is working continuously to resolve them. In conclusion, as the potential benefits of migrating to the United States outweigh the drawbacks of doing so, I would, if given a chance, move to the United States of America.

A Bhattarai

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